Varaganapati: Bestower of Boons

Ganesha, is one of the most revered deities in sanatana dharma. As Varaganapati, he is the ruler and the remover of all obstacles and bestower of boons. Hence Lord Ganesha is prayed before starting any new journey in life. This wood sculpture in its grandeur depicts the lord in a dancing position with his trunk turning right. The Ganesha staue with trunk on the right side are called as Siddhi Vinyaka because if worshipped correctly then one is blessed with quick results or siddhis. The laddu (sweet ball) indicates all material comfort. The dancing form of Ganesha is believed to be playful antics of the Lord to entertain his parents Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.
Note: In all its detail this can be custom made i.e. hand crafted exclusively for you in a size of your choice to suit your needs.

Dimension 18" x 11" x 8" inches
Suggested Placement In the living room or in the meditation room
Medium Wood
Culture India
Weight2.0 kg
PriceRs. 29,500
Product Codeackbwwdgsp-20

Category: ganesha, Woodwork

Type: Woodcraft

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