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The resemblance of Nature in Indian Art

May 31, 2021

India is a land that boasts of breathtaking landscapes ranging from the gigantic Himalayas to sparkling rivers, lush green lands, valleys, hilltops, and deserts. Owing to its beauty, many artists in India take inspiration from nature to make their art.  But is painting nature a fairly new practice? We believe not! In fact, man has been painting nature for as long as he existed.  Pre-historic age This was the period of stone-age man. Humans then knew no language to communicate. Hence, their only form of communication was through sounds and pictorial depictions. Paintings found while exploring pre-historic caves revealed vivid sketches of bison, bears, elephants, humans, trees, and more. In India, one such interesting display of cave art can be...

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Getting Through the Difficult Times with Art

April 30, 2021

For past one year, the Corona virus pandemic has changed lives in more ways than one and as we were slowly coping from the trauma that 2020 caused, we have been hit by the second wave. It is understandable that constant updates about rising cases, fear of being a victim to the virus, news about people losing their lives and the crashing economy; all while being isolated can get extremely overwhelming, in turn causing anxiety, stress, and more. While the situation takes time to settle down and we must do all that is expected of us as citizens, we can always take a break from social media/news and unwind ourselves from the chaos that is outside. Doing this will not...

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