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The Invincible Shakti- Mystic Arts And The Tales From India

September 13, 2019

“She walks the planet to let many more lives walk on it. She lets herself be put through a test of time and remains serene and strong yet so. She resides in all of us as a giver of life and in universe as Shakti.” Shakti- the power of The Almighty in Hindu religion is often personified as a female entity, i.e., a goddess. Many scriptures cite women as the source of life and of energy. Hence, it is but obvious that we worship women in as many forms as their male counterparts. Be it the higher goddesses such as Parvati, Lakshmi and Saraswati or their incarnations such as Durga, Sita, Mahakali; each of them has played a vital role...

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Bringing Home Ganesha- The Indian Way

August 31, 2019

Every year around the time of August-September, the Indian subcontinent witnesses one of the most grandly celebrated festivals in the country- Ganesh Chaturthi. However, it was not always a public celebration. History has to say that performing puja on Lord Ganesha’s janam divas (birthday) every year was initially started by Shivaji maharaj of the Maratha empire who used to worship the Lord as Kuladevata or the family god of the Peshwas. For a long time, it is believed to have been celebrated only amongst that family. Centuries later in 1892, as India was suffering under the British rule, freedom fighter Bal Gangadhar Tilak reinvented Ganesh Chaturthi and urged Hindus to come forward and take part in a 10-day long festival....

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