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Heritage of Handlooms- The Textile Industry

March 16, 2019

The handloom industry in India is one of the largest cottage industries of the country. Its significance lies in the multitude of employment opportunities that it provides and its contribution to the country’s economy. Starting from hand weaving to using extensive machinery and advanced procedures, this industry is constantly changing and updating itself to suit the market requirements both quality, quantity, and variety wise. So much so that textile designing is now a field of study in itself. History of Weaving: Indian weaving dates back to the earliest settlements. Pictorial representations of the gods and goddess in ancient Hindu temples depict them adorned in free-flowing fabrics indicating that such garments were the norm back when these temples were built. Excavations...

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Mudras of Lord Buddha and their significance:

February 28, 2019

In 624 BC, Siddharta Gautama was born into a royal family in today’s Nepal. He was smart and intelligent despite which his parents decided to keep him away from worldly sufferings and ordained him to a life of boundless luxuries and happiness and got him married at the age of 16. But destiny had different plans for him. When he was 29, he stepped out of the palace walls and was immediately hit by the harsh realities of life and the sufferings of the common man. Disturbed and shaken with this discovery, he decided to renounce his royal life and left behind his kingdom and wife to live the rest of his life seeking answers to existential questions. Despite several...

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