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Art in the time of Corona

August 02, 2020

With Corona positive cases skyrocketing, small-scale and large-scale businesses facing losses, jobs being affecting, and people losing their minds due to the isolation, we are undoubtedly living in difficult times. But on the brighter side, we are creating history for it is not every day that a pandemic halts the entire globe from functioning normally. This iconic period sure deserved to be captured in many art forms. Ranging from drawing rainbows on windows to thank NHS workers to graffiti on walls and illustrations/graphics on social media, artists are doing their best to capture this event in art. Hence, we could not help but wonder if the role of arts and crafts in this time goes beyond solidarity and gratitude. Research...

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A Technique As Old As Time Finds Relevance Today

July 02, 2020

The Lost Wax Casting method dates back to almost 4000 years ago and the oldest artefacts were perhaps our first form of expression and art for early settlers, right after cave painting. There is reason to believe that the first civilization in Indus Valley used this technique extensively. Now improvised and developed, it is used as a method to create many fine sculptures and is considered a heritage of the Dhokra Damar tribes of Eastern India (West Bengal and Odisha) and hence the name, Dhokra metal casting. Over time these tribes traveled far and wide to the north, west, and south making this style of craft popular across the globe.  The traditional process of wax casting involves creating a wax structure of...

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