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Recreating a Masterpiece: The Hampi Chariot Story

November 04, 2018

Source: Karnataka website Dating back to the 16th century, Hampi is recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is often called the world’s largest open-air museum. A tourist attraction in Hampi, the famous chariot has an interesting history to it. It is said that when King Krishnadevaraya of Vijayanagara empire went to fight a battle against then Kalinga Rajya or modern-day Odisha, he happened to lay his eyes on the beautiful chariot in the Konark Temple and wanted to construct one in Hampi. Upon his orders, this iconic chariot of Hampi was built which now stands as part of the three most recognized chariot structures of India including the one in Konark and the one in Mahabalipuram. The...

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All Things Painting- ‘From Scratch’ to A Glorious Masterpiece

October 16, 2018

Generally speaking, painting is a form of art which uses pigments (colors) that are applied on any surface such as a cloth, a canvas, rocks, walls, etc. Painting serves as a tool for visual communication by bringing in elements such as texture, depth, contrast, value, gesture, background. It can be both realistic or suggestive. What initially started in the caves during the pre-historic age kept getting better over time with the use of various methods and techniques. Paintings are now a part and parcel of life. The history of paintings The earliest known paintings were discovered in the Chauvet and Lascaux caves of France. They house a number of representations of animals such as Bisons, Horses, Lions, Deers, Rhinos, etc...

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