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Of Wealth and Glory- A Tale Of Prosperity And Goddess Lakshmi

October 26, 2019

     One very common sight in most Hindu households is a painting or an idol of a graceful, elegant woman clad in a bright red saree with heavy gold ornaments. Seated on a lotus with royal white elephants beside her is the Goddess of riches that not only Hindus but also Buddhists and Jains worship- Devi Lakshmi. Being one of the principal deities, she forms the Holy Trinity with Goddess Saraswati and Goddess Parvati who work together to provide the universe with knowledge, wisdom, wealth, prosperity, nourishment, fertility and other aspects that make life sustainable. We as humans are heavily dependent on these elements for our growth. We cannot imagine life without food, shelter, clothing and more. Hence, it is...

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Through the Nine Days of Navratri

October 16, 2019

      It is not less than a week ago that India witnessed one of the brightest and most energetic festivals of the country-The Navratri. It is a nine-day long festival that worships Goddess Durga but also celebrates womanhood and femininity in its principles. The folklore behind Devi Durga’s incarnation goes that a demon named Mahishasur, upon receiving a boon from Lord Brahma started creating chaos in the Trilok- Heaven, Earth and Hell. The boon he received ensured that no man would be able to harm him or kill him. Left with no option, the three main Gods- Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma combined their powers together to create a powerful woman called Durga. She is said to be...

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