Anantasayana: Lord Narayana in Yoga Nidra

The nurturer of worlds is often shown resting on a sea of milk, the anant-nag serving as his place of rest and his consort by his side. A multitude of gods and celestials look on in adoration. This mural's depiction of the Anantasayana, or one who is eternally resting, has many lessons in spirituality. Vishnu's yoga Nidra, depicted here in stark detail, is the state when worlds change. Time itself swirls in the vast ocean that is his consciousness, and everything we do, see and treat as existence is nothing but a divine being's infinite dream. This Kerala mural painting can adorn a large interior wall with ease.

Note: In all its detail this can be custom made and hand crafted exclusively in a size of your choice to suit your exclusive needs.

Dimension 72 x 48 inches   [Customizable]
Culture Kerala,India
Medium Canvas and paper
Weight0.8 kg
PriceRs. 96,000
Product Codeacsckmlnas-01

Category: kerala mural, mural, painting

Type: Painting

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