Abhaya Mudra: Lord Buddha's Reassurance

Lord Buddha is considered as an apt representation of the beauty in generosity, the importance of simplicity and equality, and most importantly, the serene bliss in renunciation. Buddha taught the world several forms of meditation, each designed to help his followers overcome a particular problem or achieve a more evolved, higher psychological and mental state. This exquisite sandstone sculpture captures Buddha in the Abhaya Mudra, representing protection, fearlessness and the dispelling of fears. Sculpted with pure elegance, the larger Buddha is depicted with his eyes closed, lost in thought, while the soft carving perfectly captures the bliss and serenity of a great mind at one with the universe. The exquisitely carved base also pays tribute to tales from the Buddha's teachings, thus, allowing the true art connoisseur to welcome all the teachings of the Buddha in one, magnificent master-piece. Hardy and durable, this beautiful sandstone sculpture is designed to spread peace, harmony and protection throughout the home and makes a perfect addition to your living room or entry way decor.

In all its grandeur, this can be custom made. That is, hand crafted exclusively for you, either in stone or wood and in a size of your choice to suit your needs.

Dimension 50"x24"x12" inches
Weight175.0 kg
PriceRs. 81,000
Product Codeacrnsslbam-24

Category: homedecor, Sandstone

Type: Sculpture

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