Gaurisuta: The Son of Goddess Gauri

Ganesha, the patron saint of arts and divine intellect, has always inspired traditional artists. Throughout history, they have used his depictions in mythologies and traditional writings to create beautiful forms of art to pay tribute to their divine muse. Adding to the list of exquisite depictions of Ganesha, this intricately carved sandstone sculpture is a classic testimony to the artisan’s eye for detail, evident through the intricate carvings, delicate carvings and adroitly carved expressions on the face, while the trunk turning right signifies Ganesha's position as the granter of boons of 'Siddhis'.

In all its grandeur, this exquisite sculpture can be custom made in either stone or wood as per your needs and would make a perfect addition to your courtyard or living room.

Dimension 36"x22"x12" inches
Weight220.0 kg
PriceRs. 54,000
Product Codeacjmsslgrt-54

Category: ganesha, Sandstone

Type: Sculpture

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