Kindi - Vessel

The Kindi is a holy vessel, traditionally used during Hindu worship rituals as a means to dispense holy water without allowing the users hands to dirty the water as it is being poured out.The kindi is also used among hospitable Kerala homes to greet guests and allow them a chance to wash their hands and feet before entering the main courtyard of the home they are visiting, or for them to wash their hands after a meal.The kindi is also one of the set of vessels, traditionally given to new brides at the time of their mariage.

Each intricately carved vessel is custom-made exclusively for the purchaser and takes the master craftsman around 10 days to visualise and co-create this traditional and holy vessel in the authentic Kerala artistic tradition. It can only be custom-made, i.e. hand crafted to a specific size on order.

Dimensions Custom-made as per your request
Culture Kerala, India
Medium Bell Metal (form of Bronze)
Suggested Placement Prayer(Puja) room or indoors or outdoors
Price Upon Request
Weight0.0 kg
PriceRs. 0
Product Codeacdshdbmki-01

Category: Kerala Vessel

Type: Home Decor

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