Lambodara: The Huge Bellied God

Lord Kuber, god of wealth, overcome with pride went to Kailash Parvat to invite Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati over for a feast to show off his riches. Lord Shiva offered to send his son, Lord Ganesha. Ganesha is said to have a huge appepite and finished every last morsel of food in Kuber's house to teach him a lesson by complaining of still being hungry and threatening to eat him. Kuber ran to Kailsah Parvat to seek forgiveness and beg for his life. Mata Parvati then gave him a Tulsi leaf to offer to Ganesha which calmed him down. This Brass sculpture is a beautiful depiction of the huge-bellied lord with an insatiable appetite.
Note: In all its grandeur this can be custom made i.e., hand crafted exclusively for you in a size of your choice to suit your needs.
Dimensions: 36"(height).
Culture: India.
Medium: Brass.
Suggested Placement: In your meditation hall or pooja room.
Weight: 65kgs.
Product Code: acsnbwlgtt-03.

Category: ganesha, Metal

Type: Sculpture

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