Mohan: Krishna, The All Attractive Lord

Krishna avatar is one of the purna (complete) avatars of Lord Vishnu and the tales of his life right from his birth to death have been told, read and re-read since generations. This Kerala Mural painting depicts some of the most iconic tales from his life like his compassion for animals, love for Radha, his mischief as a child and scenes of him imparting knowledge to his followers. (next para) Kerala Murals carry their own uniqueness in terms of techniques and aesthetics used. The colours used often depict the undercurrents which run through the scene- this painting highlights Krishna's skin that was so dark, it often looked blue. This painting is apt for all settings. Be they simple interiors or gradiose rooms, this picture has a life of its own to add.

Note: In all its detail this can be custom made and hand crafted exclusively in a size of your choice to suit your exclusive needs.

Dimension 144 x 48 inches   [Customizable]
Culture Kerala,India
Medium Canvas and paper
Weight1.2 kg
PriceRs. 165,000
Product Codeacsckmlkml-09

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