Prathameshwara: Lord Ganesha, The First Amongst All

Of many stories that tell the tale of the life of Lord Ganesha, those of his respect and dedication towards his parents take a front seat. Legend has it that one day all the gods, sages and other celestial beings approached Lord Shiva and requested him to appoint a head to the Vighnas. Lord Ganesha and his elder brother, Lord Kartikeya, both found themselves suitable for the post. As a test, Lord Shiva asked them to circle the world thrice, take a bath in holy rivers and return. He said that whoever returns first, i.e., wins the race will be appointed as the head. Upon hearing this, Lord Kartikeya immediately flew away on his peacock. Lord Ganesha however recited the Narayana Mantra and circled his parents thrice saying that his world lies at the feet of his parents. Impressed with his act, Lord Shiva appointed Lord Ganesha as the head of Vighnas and that is how he came to called Vighneshwara.
Note: In all its grandeur this can be custom made i.e., hand crafted exclusively for you in a size of your choice to suit your needs.
Dimension: 12"x08".
Culture: India.
Medium: Arecanut Leaf.
Suggested Placement: In your living room or meditation hall.
Weight: 400gms.
Product Code: acapallglt-80.

Category: Arecanut Works, ganesha

Type: Tribal Art

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