Nataraja: The Wrath of the Supreme God

Sculpted using brass and stone , this depiction of Nataraja ("Lord of dance") in his form as the cosmic dancer with four arms and flying locks dancing on the figure of a dwarf, who is sometimes identified as Apasmara (a symbol of human ignorance; apasmara means "forgetfulness" or "heedlessness". In the Nataraja sculpture, Shiva is shown as the source of all movement within the cosmos and as the god whose doomsday dance, represented by the arch of flames, accompanies the dissolution of the universe at the end of an eon. This sculpture in all its glory can be entrenched at the main entrance or the corner of your living room or in your courtyard.

Note: In all its detail this can be custom made and hand crafted exclusively in a size of your choice to suit your exclusive needs.

Dimension 33 x 14 x 10 inches   [Customizable]
Culture India
Medium Metal (Brass) and Stone
Suggested Placement Main entrance or living room or courtyard
Weight28.0 kg
PriceRs. 96,000
Product Codeacsnbsnsod-05

Category: Metal

Type: Sculpture

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