Abhidhyaa: The Desire

Rs. 149,500 (sculpture in wood)

The word Kama, as per Hindu texts directly translates to desire.However, it can be taken to represent varied meaning including desire, passion, longing, love, togetherness etc, and in contemporary contexts, it is more symbolic of sexuality and sexual desire.

This artistically, handcrafted sandstone sculpture depicts Kamadeva as a young, good looking man, with his consort Rathi, the goddess of passion, love and lust. The sculpture symbolizes the relationship between love and lust, as Kama and Rathi together work his love bow, made of sugarcane and honeybees. The intricate craftsmanship and attention to detail is visible in the tautness of the bowstring, the arched back of the two divine beings and the adroit craftsmanship of the arrow of love, representing the five senses. This exquisite sandstone sculpture is durable and makes a perfect addition to your entry or living room decor.

In all its grandeur, this can be custom made. That is, hand crafted exclusively for you, either in stone or wood and in a size of your choice to suit your needs.
Dimension 38 x 25 x 13 inches
Customize option is available
Medium Stone or Wood

Category: homedecor, Sandstone

Type: Sculpture

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