Nistaraka: The Emancipator

Narayana, also known as Vishnu or Hari is considered the supreme god, according to the holy books of Hinduism. He is known as the savior and the preserver, the giver of salvation and the protector of the faithful. This sandstone sculpture depicts the supreme lord in a state of relaxation, seated on a lotus flower. His arms hold his characteristic conch and the discus known as the Sudharshan Chakra, while his expression is one of composure and serenity. This intricately carved sculpture symbolizes the wisdom and composure and the deep cosmic knowledge that Lord Narayana possesses.

Suggested Placement: The main entrance or the corner of your living room or in your courtyard

Note: With respect to size, the statue can be custom made -- hand sculpted over a specific time frame.

Dimension 2.5ft x 2ft
Weight120.0 kg
PriceRs. 36,000
Product Codeacrnssnalb-83

Category: Sandstone

Type: Sculpture

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