Pashupatinath: Blessing Sitting on Tiger Skin

Lord Shiva is known by a multitude of names including Maheshwara, Rudra and Pashupatinath. Pashupatinath, or the Lord of Cattle is an epithet given to Shiva because of his benevolence towards animals and his symbiotic relationship with all living beings in all forms. This exquisite marble sculpture depics the Lord of Destruction at rest, seated upon a tiger skin and blessing his devotees and worshippers. Crafted in an ancient and revered method of sculpture, this masterpiece makes a perfect addition to the living room or the puja room.

Note: These sculptures can also be custom-made i.e. hand sculpted over a specific time frame.

Dimension 30" x 19" x 10" inches
Culture Rajasthan
Medium Marble Statue
Weight120.0 kg
PriceRs. 148,000
Product Codeacdgwmshts-84

Category: White Marble

Type: Sculpture

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