Siddharth Gautam: The Lord who Allays Fear

Lord Buddha's mudras have for ages now been a topic of interest amongst artisans and sculptors. As is depicted in this sandstone sculpture, Lord Buddha is performing the Abhaya Mudra. Abhaya means "fearlessness" in Sanskrit. There is an interesting anecdote behind this one. It is said that one day Lord Buddha was attacked by a rampaging elephant. The lord confidently showed this mudra which immediately calmed the elephant. It can be inferred that each mudra has a certain effect on our senses and mudras simply represent our inner turmoil, feelings, state of mind and the flow of energies through our bodies.
Note: Note: In all its grandeur this can be custom made i.e., hand crafted exclusively for you in a size of your choice to suit your needs.
Dimension: 36"x28"x14".
Culture: India.
Medium: Sandstone.
Suggested Placement: In your meditation or pooja room.
Weight: 110kgs.
product code: acibsslbam-99.

Category: Sandstone

Type: Sculpture

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