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Since eons, the tribal folks have been greatly inspired by their natural surroundings. Every creative expression, be it the tribal art, the accessories or the home decor articles, all find synergy with the charm and elegance of the nature and are essential part of the tribal heritage. Bamboo Artifacts are one of such representations.

Over a period of time the art form has crossed over and have seen larger acceptance in surrounding villages and towns. The entire process of creating bamboo craft involves intricate methodology that the craftsmen take years to master.

Owning a product is like reconnecting to a world that mostly gets lost in the clamor of modern interpretations.

This can be customized in specific numbers over a period of time.

Weight0.5 kg
PriceRs. 960
Product Codeacumbavalt-08

Category: Bamboo Artifact

Type: Tribal Art

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