Veerandhar - Fighting with wild beasts

Traditional Indian artisans have frequently been inspired by tales of valor and bravery of heroic figures. These tales and stories have gone on to inspire great paintings and especially sculptures which highlight the heroic nature of these brave figures

Made out of blackstone, this exquisite masterpiece is a testament to a rare and closely guarded craft. The master sculptor captures the action and strength of the hero as he is involved in a battle to the death with a wild boar. The tension of the moment and the do-or-die spirit of the contest is perfectly represented and makes a beautiful addition to your living room or courtyard decor.

Note: This statue can also be made from wood and can be customized as per your unique requirements.

Dimension 36"" x 30""x 17"" cm
Culture India
Medium Stone
Weight40.0 kg
PriceRs. 249,000
Product Codeacjaswmfli-62

Category: Blackstone

Type: Sculpture

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