Stories of Holi- Why India Splashes Color Ever Year

It is the month of Phalgun and very soon markets will be bustling with colours and sweets for Holi shall be celebrated.
Holi is an Indian festival where people apply vibrant colours on one another and organise events to celebrate the same. This festival signifies the triumph of good over evil and is played in much grandeur and joy by people of all ages across the country.

Legend behind the festival

Centuries ago, there lived a ruthless ruler by the name Hiranyakashyapa. He had a boon that neither a man nor an animal can kill him, he cannot be harmed indoors or outdoors and neither during the day nor at night. Because of this boon, he became invincible. He thus, was known for his pride and valour but got very arrogant of the same.
He ordered that everyone in the three worlds shall pray only to him and he be declared the ultimate power.

But every evil has a source of end and his came in the form of his own son- Prahalad. He was a staunch devotee of Lord Vishnu and despite his father’s many attempts and warnings, he continued to worship the Lord.
Hiranyakashyapa tried to push him off a cliff, locked him in a room of snakes, fed him poison, and got him trampled under the feet of elephants but by god’s grace, Prahald always emerged unharmed.

Frustrated and helpless, Hiranyakashyapa requested his sister, Holika to sit Prahald on her lap in fire and get him killed. Lord Vishnu protected the child and let Holika burn alive in the fire which started the tradition of Holika Dahan where people throw worn and old things into the Holi fire.

This event is celebrated as Holi where the evil is killed and the good is safe guarded. It also denotes letting go of old items and bringing freshness and joy into life.

After Holika’s death, when Hiranyakashyapa continued harming Prahalad, Lord Vishnu took the avatar of Narasimha Swami- half human, half lion and killed the evil king at the entrance of his house between day and night.

Another legend is that on this day Lord Krishna applied color on fair skinned Radha who was smitten by his dark color. This day is also called Rangpanchami for that reason and signifies union of love filled with color and vibrancy.


While Holi is now celebrated mostly for the joy of it, the essence of the festival to bring together people is still very much alive.

This festive season, team Artisanscrest wishes you to have a safe and sound Holi full of laughter, friendship, and joy.