Handloom - Tussar Silk and Cotton Shawl

Intricate handlooms and finely woven garments are hallmarks of rural Indian craftsmen. The attention to detail and work that goes into every piece makes these handloom products exquisite masterpieces in their own right and makes them treasured by fashion connoisseurs from across the world. This handwoven shawl, made up of Tussar Silk and cotton is characterized by the intricate embroidery and the contrasting colour patterns. The vibrant purple patterns are characterized by their intricate weaving and the perfect spherical shapes, while the purple colour perfectly contrasts with the ash grey background to create a garment which is stylish, elegant and gives the fashion connoisseur a chance to step out in style while owning a little piece of history, straight out of the pages of the Great Indian Artistic Tradition.

Dimension 98.42"x 39.37"
Weight0.5 kg
PriceRs. 1,250
Product Codeacgptcshbg-75

Category: Cotton, Handloom, Shawl, Silk

Type: Handloom

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