Handloom - Tussar Silk and Cotton Shawl

The handloom industry of India is world famous and renowned by fashion connoisseurs everywhere for its intricate work, vibrant patterns and vivid designs and patterns which make each garment a veritable masterpiece in cloth. This intricately handwoven shawl, made of tussar silk and cotton is a testimony to the skills of the expert weavers of rural India. Each strand of cloth is handwoven, each pattern is hand embroidered onto the cloth, creating a colourful, vibrant and elegant garment, stylish and subtle and a small piece of heritage from a craft which has endured through generations.

Dimension 98.42"x 39.37"
Weight0.5 kg
PriceRs. 1,250
Product Codeacgptcshgb-87

Category: Cotton, Handloom, Shawl, Silk

Type: Handloom

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