Handloom - Tussar Silk and Cotton Shawl

The handloom industry of India is world famous and renowned by fashion connoisseurs everywhere for its intricate work, vibrant patterns and vivid designs and patterns which make each garment a veritable masterpiece in cloth. This intricately handwoven shawl, made of tussar silk and cotton is a testimony to the skills of the expert weavers of rural India. The elgant colours perfectly contrast with one another to create a subtle yet stylish masterpiece made out of tussar silk and cotton. This exquisite handloom product is durable, comfortable and stylish, with contrasting colours and adroitly woven patterns. This fashionable shawl goes perfectly with en ethnic ensemble and is the perfect accessory for a formal or traditional occassion. Step out in style wearing a piece of history, straight out of the books of the great Indian artistic tradition.

Dimension 98.42"x 39.37"
Weight0.5 kg
PriceRs. 1,250
Product Codeacgptcshgw-77

Category: Cotton, Handloom, Shawl, Silk

Type: Handloom

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