Santana: The Eternal Lord

Santana, also known as Narayana or Vishnu is venerated as an Enlightened Supreme being in the sacred Veda texts. The sacred texts highlight his influence on the universe and everything that occurs within.

This handcrafted brass and stone sculpture depicts Narayana in a state of relaxation. The exquisite carving showcases Narayana in a state of relaxation, accompanied by his consort, the goddess Lakshmi and atop his trusted mount, Garuda.

Created in a traditional process, handed down over generations, this brass and stone sculpture is a perfect addition to your home décor. The ornately carved metalwork statue makes a great addition to your living room or your prayer room. 

Note: In all its detail this can be custom made and hand crafted exclusively in a size of your choice to suit your exclusive needs.

Dimension 12 x 10 inches   [Customizable]
Weight5.0 kg
PriceRs. 12,500
Product Codeacsnbwnlwg-47

Category: Metal, shakti

Type: Sculpture

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