Goddess Saraswati- Making Process of the Sculpture

At Artisanscrest we always strive to keep alive the beauty and grandeur of traditional Indian art. For this, we work with local artisans who are each skilled in their own style ranging from Pattachitra Paintings and Kerala Murals to Dhokra Brass Works and exquisite sculptures.

It is also our attempt that we cater to all the needs of our customers so they receive a piece of art that is customized to suit their requirements and one that will stay a prized possession to them for a very long time.

In our journey, it always motivates us when we receive a kind appreciation from our customers.

Annapurna Dixit, a patron and art connoisseur, recently purchased a sculpture of Goddess Saraswati made out of black stone from us.

She said, “It is looking beautiful as it is- just what I imagined Goddess Saraswati would look like”.

Everything we create is with love and passion. Hearing such words of praise from art aficionados makes us twice as determined to continue the good work.

Our deepest thanks to the lady.

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