Visrama: The Luxury of Leisure

From times immemorial, artisans have always been inspred by the innate beauty and serene charm and composure of the woman. Countless works of art have immortalized the beauty and regality of the royal maidens and courtesans who were an integral part of the court of the kings of old. This exquisite, sandstone sculpture is a throwback to the ancient times, showcasing a woman at leisure in a royal garden. Her relaxed naure is adroitly captured through her body language, with her left leg lazily taking support of a tree while her arms are loosely stretched over her head. The master craftsman further brings in the element of synergy with nature by adding a playful deer and other elemens of the royal garden and setting up a scene of serenity, relaxation and harmonious synergy with Mother Nature.

Suggested Placement: The courtyard or the entrance.

Note: With respect to size, the statue can be custom made -- hand sculpted over a specific time frame.

Artist:Rabi Sahoo

Dimension 72" x 28" x 17" inches
Weight600.0 kg
PriceRs. 145,000
Product Codeacrsssmrrm-32

Category: Sandstone, shakti

Type: Sculpture

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