A race around the world- Ganesh and Karthik

A plump little boy with a head of an Elephant. Lord Ganesha: A very intriguing character from the Indian mythology. It’s not just his appearance which makes him likeable but also his witty nature and wisdom which makes him a very fascinating character among children too.

This story depicts a charming tale of a cute sibling rivalry between the little Ganesha and his brother Kartikeya.

One day, Narad Muni—who is often said to have created a lot of conflicts between the divine beings —visited Lord Shiva on Mount Kailash and gave him a mango. This, he claimed, was not an ordinary mango but a special one given to him by Lord Brahma.The one who ate it would gain knowledge and wisdom.

Lord Shiva was in a predicament. Which of his two sons should he give the mango to? Parvati, then suggested that the one who circled the world three times and came back first would get it as a prize. They decided to hold a competition between the two boys and make the mango the prize.

Both boys were eager to win the mango. Ganesha however understood that his vahana or vehicle, the mouse, would not be able to compete with Skanda's peacock and he could never beat Kartikeya. How would he win over Kartikeya’s vehicle? Besides, his brother was known for his active go-getting ways.

Kartikeya didn’t waste any time on thought. He jumped on to his vahana and zoomed off to make a quick trip around the Earth, three times.

In the meantime, back on Mount Kailash, Ganesha called his parents and asked them to sit together. Folding his hands, he walked around them thrice.

Bewildered Shiva & Parvati, asked Ganesha why he was moving around them.

Little Ganesha’s eyes twinkled, as he replied, “As my parents, you are the world to me—so when I went around you thrice, it was equal to going round the world.”

Pleased with his wit, Shiva and Parvati handed over the mango to him as the reward.

What do you think Kartikeya did when he came back? Well, according to one version, he accepted that his brother was smarter than him and deserved to win the prize while another story reveals that he flew into a anger and came down to earth where he sat and meditated on the Palani hills, in South India.

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