Dushera in times of Corona

It is that time of the year when pandals are set up, idols of goddess durga are decorated, puja preparations are in full swing and we are all practicing dandiya and garba day and night. Normally this would have been the scenario but this year India shall see a rather dull dushera owing to Covid-19.

It is however for the greater good that we abide by the rules of social distancing and have a safe festival. That does not necessarily mean that we entirely miss out on the fun. Here are some ideas we have for you to celebrate Navaratri amid a global pandemic.

Set up your own pandal

Chances of society pandals being set up seem highly unlikely and even if they were to be erected, it is safer to not visit them.
How about bringing in an idol of the devi and designing a pandal for her at home? Some drapes, flowers, embellishments, and lots of creativity is all you will need.
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Donate to poor

There is no greater good and nothing fetches more satisfaction than tending to those in need. In times like these, it is necessary to help the poor families by doing our part- small or big.
Donate money to organisations that work for the cause, do not cut down the salaries of your housemaids. Instead, gift them fruits, sweets and clothes to make their festival joyous.

Garba at home

We cannot simply imagine Navaratri without Garba and Dandiya. We can’t attend one of those fancy events this year but we surely can dress up and groove to Falguni Pathak’s songs at home. Maybe even organize an event within your complex. However, ensure that no one is tested positive or shows symptoms of Corona. Also, ensure that you maintain proper social distancing.
Do not forget to upload your pictures on social media though.

Which brings us to

Checking up on your friends and family

We know this is not one of the brightest times to live in and the isolation can be challenging for many. Make sure you check up on your dear friends and family and share these ideas with them. You can also play a game or two of online ludo or cards to spend some time with them.

Support local artisans

Festivals like Navaratri and Ganesh Chaturti are the times when artisans work day and night to earn their bread and butter. Usually they would be busy making idols for us. This year is particularly challenging for them and other small sector workers. Show them your support by promoting their work, making a small or big purchase from them and paying them justly and by donating to organizations that look after them.

We at Artisanscrest take pride in promoting the work of local artisans of India who strive to keep the traditional art alive.

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