Ganesha: The Revered and Beloved Indian God

Among the vast pantheon of Indian gods, Lord Ganesha occupies a special place in the hearts and minds of devotees across the globe. The elephant-headed son of Shiva, Ganesha is revered for his wit, intellect, his patronage for arts and also his benevolence towards devotees. Ganesha is revered as the remover of obstacles and bestows boons of prosperity and success to those who believe.

It is considered auspicious to pray to Ganesha to bless new enterprises or break down barriers in our lives, and devotees of Ganesha are known to trek for miles to Ganesha temples to seek the God’s blessings upon their new enterprise and lives.

Given his unique position as the patron saint of the arts, Lord Ganesha has inspired artisans right from ancient times to pay tribute to him with exquisite masterpieces honoring the various sides to his personality. This beautiful woodwork statue of Ganesha features him seated upon his trusted mount and companion, with his trunk turned left and holding a sweet, usually a laddoo. These depictions are spiritually significant; the trunk turning left symbolizes the cooling power of the ida nadi, the force that invokes the moon and is associated with the mighty Ganges river. The sweet ball is seen to represent the spiritual and material prosperity that Ganesha bestows upon his devotees.

Our traditional community of skilled artisans has created this exquisite masterpiece in wood as a means of paying tribute to this beloved, fun-loving god, taking care to depict Ganesha in all his roles and to honor the wit, the humor, and the reverence that this beloved deity evokes in all of us.

This exquisite masterpiece can also be custom-made as per your unique requirements. Get in touch with us and collaborate along with our skilled team of artisans to co-create your little piece of Indian art history and tradition.

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