Golden Grass- Hexagonal Box With Lid

Comparing lifestyle to what it was a couple or more decades ago, it can be safe to say that technology took over almost every minute aspect of life right from communication to transportation and amenities to facilities provided. Although, technological advancements are to be welcomed with open arms; they come with their own cons of threatening to leave the glory and heritage the history of a country holds, behind.

If we are still celebrating the culture and traditions of our country, we owe it to the artisans, who still choose to work the traditional way, keeping the charm alive through the course of time. What looks so simple and put-together has the sweat, skill and dedication of an artisan to make his/her art and craft so breathtakingly beautiful.

The case with Golden Grass artifacts is no different than that.

What is Golden Grass?

It is a special and very rare species of grass often found in damp regions of the world. It has a trademark, metallic shine to it and radiates a golden color once dried. Being very strong, durable and yet very flexible, its stem is widely used by artisans to create stunning pieces of art ranging from baskets, vessels, and trays to jewellery, bags, hats and other handicrafts.

Golden Grass Handicrafts in India:

In India, these kinds of crafts are mostly found in regions in and around Odisha. Women are the ones often engaging in making these handicrafts. They spend days and nights, gathering stems of Golden Grass together and sewing them in varied techniques and styles to produce stunning results. An admirable fact is that these delicate pieces of art, each, take up to a month and a half to be completed and this, for most families in India, is the main source of income.

This utility box made using golden grass is one example of such exquisite pieces of pure artwork made by one of our skilled artisans. Its hexagonal shape and fine sewing is a testimony to the craftsmanship these artisans possess. The cross sewing done on this creates an aesthetic appeal making the box all the more artistic. To break the monotony, the artisan has used a different colored thread and made triangular patterns on the lid.

This box can be used in various ways right from being used for storage to merely being showcased as a decorative item. It is extremely light weight and very eye catchy. What’s more? In all its delicacy and beauty, this can be customized according to your needs, wants and requirements so you have a product that is just right for you.

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