Hanuman: The Loyal

Most Hindu children grow up being told stories of Lord Hanuman. Sugriva’s able minister. Lord Rama’s devoted and most trusted ally. A Chiranjeevi – an immortal being who will remain alive on this earth through the Kali Yuga until its very end. Bheema’s elder brother. Hanuman is a central figure in the great Indian epic, the Ramayana and makes a pivotal appearance in the other great epic, the Mahabharata. The son of Vayu and Anjana, Anjaneya (son of Anjana), as he is sometimes known, played a main role in Rama’s war against Ravana, the king of the Asuras at their stronghold of Lanka.


The son of the wind god Vaayu, Hanuman learned under the sun god, Surya and came to be an able minister in the court of the Vanara king, Sugriva. He oversaw the alliance between Lord Rama and the Vanar Sena and came to be Rama’s most dependable ally on the battlefield. It was Hanuman who leapt through the air and landed on Lanka to find the Lady Sita and comfort her. It was Hanuman who fought bravely by the side of Rama and Lakshmana, it was Hanuman who carried a mountain with the divine Sanjivani herb to revive Lakshmana after he was felled in battle. It was Hanuman who tore open his chest to reveal Lord Rama and Lady Sita within as proof of his devotion, and it was Hanuman who requested that he be made immortal so that he could stay on this earth as long as the name Rama was spoken of in reverence. It was Hanuman who taught the arrogant Bheema a lesson in humility and it was Hanuman, in the form of a flag who shielded Arjuna’s chariot from the many celestial weapons fired upon it during the legendary Kurukshetra War. 

Hanuman is the embodiment of loyalty and steadfast devotion through all depictions across Hindu mythology and is celebrated for these very qualities. He is also worshipped by wrestlers for his strength, by Shaiva ascetics for his deep reverence and unshakeable faith and by countless others who look upon Hanuman to protect their home and their near and dear ones. Sculptures of Hanuman are frequently installed in temples of avataars of Vishnu and are believed to keep the surroundings free of negativity and evil beings. His rock cut idols are found among all the Maratha forts in Maharashtra, who worshipped him as the God of strength, luck and invincibility. A hanuman statue or painting is said to spread calm, faith and protection throughout the house and is a frequently sought after artifact.


Our trained team of artisans and master craftsmen have created several tributes to Lord Hanuman, depicting various aspects of his personality; from the protector of the loyal to the all powerful Anjaneya, each piece is a unique tribute to this beloved, loyal and steadfast God.


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