Pattachitra Paintings: From Raghurajpur to the World

Situated among groves of coconut, palm, mango and jackfruit, the heritage crafts village of Raghurajpur in the Puri district of the Indian state of Odisha is famed for several crafts including Tussar silk painting, palm leaf engravings, stone and wood carvings, exquisitely handmade wooden and papier mache toys and masks. Globally, Raghurajpur is famous for being the birthplace of one of the most unique and exquisite art forms: the Pattachitra Painting.


A product of the skilled Chitrakar community of Odisha, Pattachitra comes from the Sanskrit words, “Patta” meaning “Cloth” and “Chitra” meaning “Painting”, the traditional art form of Odisha dates back to around the 5th Century BC and has its origins and inspirations deep in Hindu mythology and religious tradition. Created on a canvas of Tussar silk, specifically prepared with a chalk and gum mixture, the painting is characterized by its rich imagery, bright and natural colours and attention to detail in the trademark borders and designs.


While the most famous examples of Pattachitra paintings can be found in the massive, intricate and painstakingly created murals of the temples of Puri, the craft itself traces its origins further back to ancient times. Each Pattachitra painting is a tribute to the Gods in various forms or to the harmony between man and nature, something which has inspired rural artisans across generations.


A disciplined art form with a fixed set of rules and traditions, the Pattachitra masters have created several masterpieces hailing the life and times of Lord Jagannath, Lord Krishna at various stages in his life, the different forms of Ganesha as well as capturing and immortalizing the rich cultural heritage and traditions of their village over time. The intriguing art forms are known to art lovers and connoisseurs across the globe and strong efforts, including setting up centres to teach the art to others, are in place to ensure that the legacy and the history of the art endures and continues to enjoy a pride of place among art lovers everywhere.


On, you get a chance to explore our collection of intricate and exquisite Pattachitra paintings, straight from the easels and looms of the Chitrakars of Raghurajpur; you get a chance to own the physical embodiment of the vision of the uniquely creative artisan and also the fruit of not just one person’s hard work, but of all the generations that came before them and sacrificed to keep the craft alive. You get a chance to own a little piece of history and contribute towards keeping another ancient craft still alive, one piece at a time.


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