Radha and Krishna – An Eternal Love story

“It is believed that Krishna enchants the world, but Radha enchants even him.” This statement sums up one of the more eternal love stories of Hindu mythology, one that has inspired countless writers, scholars and artisans to create epic masterpieces on this tale of divine love and bonding under the picturesque skies of Gokul.


Radha, as a figure is considered one of the most elusive when it comes to Indian literature; a few works, before Jayadeva Goswami’s Gita Govinda, made mentions to her in obscure passages or songs, while several ancient texts do not even mention her. The relationship of Radha and Krishna thus forms the basis of not only a great love story, but also a great mystery and a topic of debate as many differing views have been raised about Radha and the exact nature of her relationship with Lord Krishna.


Jayadeva Goswami’s epic poem, Gita Govinda brought the theme of the love story of Radha and Krishna into the larger consciousness and made this story celebrated throughout India. In Vaishnava devotional or Bhakti traditions of Hinduism that focus on Krishna, Radha is revered as the ‘Shakti’, the female force and the personification of the divine feminine creator. Radha is the most important Gopi in the Raas Leela and her importance, over the other gopis is highlighted by placing her on the same pedestal as Lord Krishna and being worshipped with the same fervor and devotion. The love between Krishna and Radha was seen as pure, bound by a deeper and stronger spiritual connection and a sense of devotion that makes this story inspirational for the generations of artisans who have created wonderful tributes in sculpture, song, prose, paintings and many other creative expressions.


Artistic depictions of Radha and Krishna traditionally have had them accompanied by the gopis. This artistic device served to remind the audience of not only the love that each Gopi felt for Krishna, but to also establish Radha’s superiority by placing her above them. Lord Krishna is traditionally depicted as being as enamored of Radha as the milkmaids are of him.


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