Sammohit: The Spellbinding Dance Of Lord Krishna

If you are aware of Hindu scriptures and mythological tales, you would definitely not have missed the mention of “Rasleela” in Shri Krishna’s Bhagavat Purana. Like every other legendary instance in the Puranas, this one has a story too.

It is said that after conquering Lord Brahma along with other gods, Kamadeva’s ego knew no bounds and he started considering himself superior to everyone. In order to teach him a lesson, Lord Krishna invited Kamadeva, the god of love to Vrindavan on the night of Sharad Purnima to enjoy the company of beautiful Gopis.

Kamadeva, however, challenged him that if he happens to develop the slightest bit of passion for any of the Gopis, Kamadeva would win. That night, Lord Krishna with the help of Yogamayi created an enchanting environment with blooming flowers, sweet fragrance, a bright moon and a cool breeze. He then started playing spellbinding music with his flute which created a trance effect on Gopis who ran to the forest to Lord Krishna leaving their husbands hungry, children crying and their household chores undone.

The Lord decided to put the Gopis to test and asked them to return back home as it is not morally correct for young ladies to be out at night leaving behind their responsibilities. To this, the Gopis promptly replied saying that they came here to him leaving behind all their mundane responsibilities, shame, fear and other bondages and it would be a pity for any of them to return back to their materialistic life.

Pleased with their devotion and love, Lord danced with each of them the entire night, himself remaining refrained from desires and feelings and thereby destroying Kamadeva’s ego.

This act of Lord Krishna has an eternal meaning to it altogether. It tells a tale of something more than just a male-female attraction and worldly lusts. It speaks of the devotion of mortal beings towards the immortal and almighty lord. Rasleela is a depiction of the desire of beings to connect to the universal energy and reach god. It is the utmost form of dedication and submission.

Sammohit mural

This Kerala Mural Painting is a depiction of that splendid night of divine glory. It portrays the lord swaying in bliss to charming music as plants and flowers bloom in joy and ecstasy showing how enchanted the entire nature was in the company of Lord Vishnu himself.

Kerala Mural Paintings are famous for their complex design and bright colors. They originated in Kerala decades ago when paintings were made on temple walls using natural pigments for color. Mythological scenes, Gods, and Goddesses were common subjects for these paintings. Years later, their heritage is still kept alive by artists who have now started opting for paper and canvas as media to paint on.

This piece of art looks great adorned on walls of your house and will surely add to the aesthetic value. In all its grandeur, it can be customized according to your needs and requirements.

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