Saraswati- The Goddess Of Knowledge

In Hindu mythology and the Vedas, goddess Saraswati gets mention as the goddess of knowledge, wisdom, music and the arts. She is considered one among the holy trinity consisting of Goddesses Lakshmi, Parvati and Saraswati, and she is the consort of Lord Brahma.

She is depicted as a beautiful lady clad in a crisp white saree, seated on a lotus. She is shown having four arms each holding a book, a mala, a pot and a veena. A swan or a peacock is often depicted alongside her.

The white theme that accompanies her iconography represents light, purity, knowledge, wisdom, insights and truth. The book she holds stands as a representation of the Vedas while the mala symbolizes the power of inner reflection through meditation. The pot of water she carries represents purity and the veena represents all forms of art and music. Her vahana, the swan is considered a very sacred bird symbolising grace, poise and perfection.

Vasanta Panchami or the fifth day or Spring is dedicated to her worship and it is on this day that many children are taught to read and write by seeking her blessings.

This sandstone sculpture intricately designed and carved by our artisans does justice to all the small details and depicts her seated on a throne clad in a saree, adorned with heavy jewellery and playing the veena in bliss.

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