Spiritual Romance: Experiencing Divine Love Beyond Two People

Pattachitra evolved from Sanskrit. When broken down into its two parts, Patta means cloth, and Chitra means picture. Hence, Pattachitra is a picture painted on a piece of cloth. This form of art is closely related to the cult of Shri Jagannath and the temple traditions in Puri. Believed to have originated as early as the 12th century, it is one of the most popular living art forms, and people in Odisha practice it to this day.

Almost all of the Chitrakar community hails from a small village in Puri district called Raghurajpur. This is also the only village in India where each family is engaged in crafts, such as patta painting, wooden toys, stone carvings, etc. For Pattachitra painting, the Chitrakars follow a traditional process of preparing the canvas. A gauze-like fine cotton cloth is coated with white stone powder and gum made out of tamarind seeds. This makes the canvass ready to accept the paint, made of natural colors.

At Artisanscrest, Pattachitra painters form a key part of our exclusive team of artisans, working together to churn out exquisite masterpieces such as this exquisite tribute to Radha and Krishna. Artistic depictions of Radha and Krishna traditionally have had them accompanied by the gopis. This artistic device serves to remind the audience of not only the love that each Gopi felt for Krishna, but to also establish Radha’s superiority by placing her above them.

Lord Krishna is traditionally depicted as being just as enamored of Radha as the milkmaids are of him. This exquisite Pattachitra painting uses natural colors and exquisite and intricate brush strokes to bring alive a night under the moon in the forests of Vrindaavan, colorfully and vividly expressing one of the greatest and most beloved love stories in all the Indian epics.

This particular painting can be custom-made according to our customer’s unique needs. Our dedicated team of artisans works closely with each unique customer to make sure that the masterpiece is catered to their house and their tastes and sensibilities. Get in touch with us today to co-create your own masterpiece.

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