The Nurturer Of Worlds Who Rests On A Sea Of Dreams

Lord Vishnu is one of the most prominent deities in Hindu mythology and is known by many names and depicted in many forms. One of the most iconic depictions of the Lord is him resting on the coils of Sesha Naga in Kshira-Sagara literally meaning the Milky Ocean, while his divine consort Devi Lakshmi serves him at his feet.

Of the many meanings drawn from this illustration, the most logical one is that it is a depiction of the ultimate working of the universe and the hold Lord Vishnu has over it.

Sesha literally means “The one which remains” and hence Sesha Naga symbolises the ultimate form of eternal energy that drives the entire universe and is inexhaustible. The coiling of Sesha Naga is a pictorial representation of the kalpas. A kalpa is a cosmic time period which is generally one cycle of creation and dissolution of the universe.

Lord Vishnu resting on it symbolises the fact that it is he who is above all the cosmic energy and controls it, meaning he is the ultimate god. It is said that everything that happens in our world is simply a dream conjured up by God.

This blackstone sculpture depicts the cosmic scene in a very precise manner, with intricate details that bring out the very essence of the divine moment.  Follow the link to view the sculpture and customize.