A Technique As Old As Time Finds Relevance Today

The Lost Wax Casting method dates back to almost 4000 years ago and the oldest artefacts were perhaps our first form of expression and art for early settlers, right after cave painting. There is reason to believe that the first civilization in Indus Valley used this technique extensively.

Now improvised and developed, it is used as a method to create many fine sculptures and is considered a heritage of the Dhokra Damar tribes of Eastern India (West Bengal and Odisha) and hence the name, Dhokra metal casting. Over time these tribes traveled far and wide to the north, west, and south making this style of craft popular across the globe. 

The traditional process of wax casting involves creating a wax structure of the final image. Beeswax is usually used for this purpose. The wax structure is then covered in a thick mixture of sand and plaster which are then heated until the wax inside melts away. This creates a negative of the image- meaning the mold. Hot liquified metal is then poured into this mold and left to cool down and set. The artisans then proceed to break the sand and plaster mold revealing the metal sculpture. The sculpture is cleaned and smoothened giving the final output. 

This method is famous for its tribal and primitive look owing to its stark motifs and forceful forms. 

Displayed here is a Dhokra brass work by our artisans depicting figures of a tribal couple. Tribes hold a significant place in India for their heritage and culture and yet live a backward and shielded life, finding themselves meager jobs to sustain their families. This statue stands testimony to their simplicity- we see a tribal couple frozen in time as they do about their daily chores. The nature of the art is visible in the intricate casting of their clothing and jewellery as well as the precision in the objects they carry.

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