Art in the time of Corona

With Corona positive cases skyrocketing, small-scale and large-scale businesses facing losses, jobs being affecting, and people losing their minds due to the isolation, we are undoubtedly living in difficult times. But on the brighter side, we are creating history for it is not every day that a pandemic halts the entire globe from functioning normally.

This iconic period sure deserved to be captured in many art forms. Ranging from drawing rainbows on windows to thank NHS workers to graffiti on walls and illustrations/graphics on social media, artists are doing their best to capture this event in art.

Hence, we could not help but wonder if the role of arts and crafts in this time goes beyond solidarity and gratitude.
Research proved that art is not only a form of expression but is also a very effective therapy/remedy for releasing stress and easing anxiety. The lockdown, isolation, boredom, financial pressure, news updates, etc., could be a lot to deal with.

What better way to spend your time with your loved ones and/or by yourself than to get those paints, papers, scissors, glue, and everything you can find and get down to making art.

We have listed a few ideas for you. Read on!

  • Watercolors are arguably one of the most easily available mediums that people with zero to professional expertise can use. Grab a nice thick sheet (preferably 300gsm watercolor sheets), brushes, water, and some colors and get started.

You can try your hand at traditional painting styles such as Warli, Madhubani, Tanjore paintings, Pattachitra, etc., for inspiration.

They have a sense of richness to them owing to their age’s long heritage.

While you are at it, teach your kid a thing or two about the history of the painting style. This will keep their interested, engaged while also helps keep the traditional art alive.

  • Grab some jute ropes that come with packages, a pair of scissors, glue, and some paints of your choice (watercolors tend to get absorbed. We recommend acrylics or poster colors).

Pick one end of the rope and start rolling this to create a circular pattern. As you roll, make sure you apply generous quantities of glue so that it stays in place and the craft becomes rigid. Cut the other end of the rope and stick in it place for a smoother finish.

You can either color the craft or leave it as it is and use it as a coaster, wall hanging, etc. Get creative with your ideas.

  • If you want to take up a bigger, more time-demanding project, consider giving your house/room a makeover or maybe paint a wall in your chosen style. You may have to purchase wall paints if you are considering repainting the walls.

Decide a theme, chalk a plan, and start having fun!

You can make some paintings, frame them, and hang them in your room. Spice up the space with some fairy lights.

Grab some old plastic bottles and paint them using acrylic colors. You can use them to place stationery, creeper plants, or just as showpieces, and they will instantly make the room look artsy.


Some amazing art channels like Iteeha, Kesh, and social media handles like Etsy India, and of course, Pinterest will help you boost your ever-expanding creative streak.


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