Art Across The Length And Breadth of India:

From time immemorial, spanning across the lands of India is its extremely beautiful and exquisite art and architecture. 

Be it the paintings found in the caves of Bimbetka or the carvings excavated from places surrounding the Indus Valley Civilization, be it the art from Mauryan dynasty or the architecture from the period of Mughals, each art form speaks its own style of design and carries strong characteristics that narrate the story of its origin.

Indian art forms vary from paintings, sculptures, textiles, and pottery to elaborate architecture and interiors. Being a land of many cultures and religions, the art of India differs not just in style but also based on the various states and regions that the country has.

Take a look at some of the finest examples of art across India.

 From Kerala-

Situated on the Malabar Coast of India, Kerala offers a range of exquisite art pieces owing to its skilled craftsmen. Kerala is famous for its metal lamps and vessels but most importantly for its mural paintings.


Kerala Murals are painted in bright hues and often make use of natural pigments. They portray scenes from Indian mythology and have characteristic rounded patterns that make them distinct from other paintings. Read more about these paintings here.

 From Odisha-

Of all the things that the eastern land of Odisha is famous for, its Pattachitra paintings hold a very prominent place. They are essentially paintings done on a piece of cloth. Generations of artisans found their bread and butter in this art form and hence, its legacy continues to spread across the globe to date.


Pipli, another region in Odisha houses artisans who are famous for their use of vibrant colors and intricate embroidery on pieces of cloth.

Did you know that we, team Artisanscrest have been awarded the Shilpi Sahajogi Sanman by a non-profit organization in Odisha for our service in promoting Indian art? Read about it here.

From West Bengal-

This state is renowned for its rich culture and immense contribution to art and heritage. We at Artisanscrest host some absolutely gorgeous pieces of art from West Bengal.

Called the Dhokra brass works, they are named after the Dhokra Damar tribes of this state. They make use of an age-old technique called the ‘lost-wax’ method to craft sculptures that have very strong motifs and forceful forms.


Find more of these here.

From Karnataka-

Situated 60kms off Bangalore, this rural village of Karnataka called Channapatna has marked its prominence on the map through its artisans’ undoubted expertise in carving and crafting wood. This art form is said to have originated during the rule of Tipu Sultan about two centuries ago.

We take pride in the fact that the Hampi Chariot, a World Heritage Site in Karnataka has been recreated by us in all its grandeur, about which you can find more here.


What makes India and its art beautiful is how all these differences come together to be called the heritage of India and we, at Artisanscrest celebrate this beauty with all our heart and soul. You will find more such marvelous pieces of art on our website Do make a visit. 

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