‘Shilpi Sahajogi Sanman’ presented to Artisanscrest for outstanding work in promoting Indian art

Odisha Shilpi Mahasangha is a Government recognized non-profit organization that works to improve the living conditions of the artisans and craftsmen of Odisha and make their lives better. It was started six years ago and has been publishing a magazine ever since to bring awareness to the cause and to bring the local artisans to light.

We, team Artisanscrest, take pride in the fact that we have been supporting the magazine and co-sponsoring Artisans’ events thereby supporting the organization. This enabled them to reach far and wide in the state and encouraged more artisans and craftsmen to join this movement. Today, they are a proud family of ten thousand artisans.

A couple of months ago, in their 6th annual celebration, we were awarded the Shilpi Sahajogi Sanman for the year 2018. This award was presented to us by the Hon’ble Arts and Culture Minister of Odisha, Shri Prasanta Nanda, who was also the chief guest at the event which saw a gathering of more than five thousand artisans.

Our efforts in creating a consistent livelihood for artisans:

Artisanscrest is an e-commerce platform whose main motto is to preserve and celebrate traditional art. We get involved in the process of creation and involve ourselves from the workshop level itself, thus helping to preserve tradition and also give maximum representation to the artists.

India is a land of diverse cultures, religions, and traditions. With such rich cultural heritage, it is only natural that each region and each tribe have to themselves an art form that is representative of their culture.

We travel across the length and breadth of India to bring together some fine artisans, sculptors, artists, and craftsmen who excel in their traditional art form that is native to their place. We then strive to improve their livelihood by continuously hiring and extending work to the artisan community and getting them to work under the well-established banner of “Artisanscrest”.

We then bring their work to light by hosting their masterpieces on our website thereby promoting these ancient art forms across the globe and generating a greater demand. We also provide them with a large commission on their work to ensure a stable livelihood for them.

Be it the exquisite woodwork of the Channapatna region of or the lost wax brass work done by the Dhokra Damar tribes, our website is home to them all. We also extend customization options, so our customers get to specify their requirements and receive a masterpiece crafted exclusively to suit their needs.

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