Symbolism in Sculpture: The Many Poses Of Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha is a very important and much-revered deity in the Hindu religion and culture. You can bet you will find at least one murti, painting or any other representation of the Lord in every Hindu household for he is worshipped as the bestower of boons and remover of obstacles. It is for this reason that a brief Ganapati-puja is done before commencing any function, gathering or even when cracking a business deal.

With interesting anecdotes to instances from mythological scriptures, his life story is often narrated on many occasions and it is only obvious the Lord is depicted in various forms too. But did you know that each such depiction has a spiritual significance and choosing the right idol or murti for your home or workplace can make all the difference and bring in all the miracles you need in your life?

Different postures here have different interpretations and depict a different emotion. Take a look at some of them.

  1. Sitting Posture:

This posture of Lord Ganesha is often depicted in his idols and sculptures. He is either seated on a lotus or on a grand throne and his posture is called Lalita Aasana where he sits with one leg folded while the other rests on the ground. The Lord’s foot resting on the ground is said to symbolize his interest in the worldly affairs of is devotees.

Representation: Harmony, safekeeping

In some of the depictions as below, Lord Ganesha is shown folding both his legs. This symbolizes that the Lord is in deep meditation.

Representation: Peace, tranquility

An idol where the Lord is seated is recommended for being placed in your house or at your workplace to represent that he stays in that location for long.


  1. Standing Posture:

Famously known as the Abhanga, an idol where the Lord is standing can often be found in pandals during the festival of  Ganesh Chaturthi.

Abhanga means “not bent” and as the name suggests, this posture symbolizes rigidity and the correct attitude.

Representation: Activity, focus on action


  1. Dancing Posture:

A very vibrant and joyous depiction of the Lord is him dancing to melodious tunes in bliss and cheer. Tales suggest that Lord Ganesha used to dance to entertain his parents.

In this depiction, the Lord is shown with his left leg raised while the right leg is firmly placed on the ground showing grace and poise.

Representation: The beginner of arts, happiness

  1. Reclining Posture:

In this posture, the Lord is shown in a luxurious state where he is leaning on a comfortable throne with a pillow. This symbolizes royalty and divinity and often brings in wealth and prosperity.

Representation: Stability, prosperity


The direction of the trunk of Lord Ganesha-

Apart from various postures of the Lord, the direction of his trunk also has great importance and is said to play a significant role in the happiness and prosperity of your house.

  1. Trunk turned left:

Lord Ganesha’s trunk, when turned left is said to represent Ida Nadi which invokes the energy of the moon which is calm, peaceful, relaxing and cool.

It is for this reason that an idol with the trunk turned left is suggested for household placements for this brings in serenity and happiness.


  1. Trunk turned right:

Often called the Siddhi Vinayaka, an idol of Lord Ganesha with his trunk turned right is said to be of great spiritual value as this invokes the energy of the sun.

Many believe that this idol needs to be worshipped with great care and by properly following each and every ritual or one is destined to face the wrath of God.

When worshipped properly, this idol is said to fulfill boons faster.

Such idols are often placed in temples for this purpose.


  1. The trunk facing straight:

Such idols are very rare and symbolize that the Sushumna Nadi or the central axis of a human body is open. Such a depiction represents alignment with oneself. It is mostly used for meditation.


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