Rooted Deep Into the Woods- Tribal Art

We talk of people who knew not canvases, boards, colors, and brushes. They come from the deepest of woods and bring with them a culture so rich and art so strikingly beautiful that connoisseurs over the globe have adored it for ages.

Tribal art can be distinguished by its bold yet simple imagery and use of vibrant colors. Another very distinct feature of this art form is the use of all natural materials. Be it for painting, carving or sculpting, these artisans resort to mother nature for their supplies.

This exquisite art form dates back to the primitive era of mankind and has evolved since then into a more refined skill that can be commercially viable.

What is Tribal Art?

It is essentially an art form that is native to the tribal regions. In India, various tribes from several regions have marked their identification through their art and craft which now stands as part of the country’s rich cultural heritage.

This form of art, as mentioned above, makes use of naturally available resources such as stones, leaves, wood, gems, shells, etc. Improved technology and easy accessibility have now enabled them to make use of metal and other processed material as well.

One thing that remains true to origins to date is that Tribal Art is still majorly handmade. They beat, carve and sculpt by hand in order to give the raw material a definite form and shape.

Making a livelihood-

The last two decades saw tribal art and craft being celebrated as bold artifacts. Statement junk jewelry became the latest market trend. This brought to light the much forgotten tribal art that now enjoys the adoration of art lovers across the globe.

The skill that has been passed on to tribal artisans from hundreds of generations has now started giving them a means of earning.

One issue they still face is a lack of exposure and means of transportation. Much like handlooms which are now being favored after a dull period, it is time we recognize Tribal Art as a form that is worth appreciating, cherishing and passing on to future generations. Else, it is only a matter of time before we lose this precious tradition.

Our team at Artisanscrest acts to bridge this gap between tribal artisans and art connoisseurs and host exquisite samples of this fine art. Take a look below-

A Dhokra Brasswork peacock.

A flower vase made of Bamboo.


Fine jewelry from the Tribal Jewelry range.

An Arecanut wall hanging of Lord Ganesha.


We do our part by promoting tribal artisans. It is now your turn to encourage them and sustain their art form. Go ahead and order now!