Build Your Traditional Indian Art Collection- Tips, Pointers and Products To Get You Started

In our previous blog, we spoke about building an art collection along with some tips to collect and organize. In this one, we are going more specific and focusing on Indian art and how to build your very own collection of it.

India is a land of diverse cultures, religions, tribe, and folks. Each region of the country brings with it its own share of traditional heritage that is most reflected in its art forms. With such rich diversity, it is only fair that you, as an art collector, bring together exquisite pieces of art famous to each region they come from.

Given below are some examples of fine artwork done by artisans whose skill has been passed on to them from generations that lived long before them.

Kerala Lamps:

It is a common sight in Indian temples to find long, beautiful, pillar-like metal structures lit using wick and oil. Such a structure is called a Deepasthambam. The state of Kerala specializes in making these using bell metal. A couple of layers and multiple designs including carefully crafted motifs make these lamps a stylized yet traditional piece of work that can be placed either in the puja room or decorated elsewhere on a table.

Pattachitra Paintings:

No art collection is ever complete without a painting or two hanging proudly on the walls. The most traditional form of Indian paintings include the Pattachitra paintings. This technique dates back to almost 5th century B.C and uses cloth as the medium for painting. Pigments are usually natural and work is hand-done.

Find out more about Indian paintings here.

Channapatna Woodworks:

Situated 60kms off the city of Bangalore in Karnataka is a rural village that is famous worldwide for its simple yet enchanting works using wood. They specialize in making toys out of wood and this art form dates back to the era of Tipu Sultan’s rule about two centuries ago. Although the techniques have been more mechanized and modified, the essence of the art form remains to be traditional.

You can find detailed information on this art form here.

Tribal Jewellery:

Tribes of India are an essential and irreplaceable part of India heritage, culture, and tradition. They have their own share of contribution to Indian art. Their motifs are usually very sharp and forceful owing to their origins in dense forests.

Tribal jewelry pieces are a must-have in every art connoisseur’s collections.

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