Greatness Begins With The Simple Acts

This artwork portrays a family of potters. The man is shown making pots using mud and the wheel while his wife lends a helping hand by carrying the pots and their son looks on with interest and playfulness.

This piece of art is made using chipped pieces of wood with varied tones to create and depict a typical scene from a villager’s life. It is mostly done in a monochromatic colour scheme meaning only one colour- here brown- is used along with its various tones. However, contrasting colours of green and red can also be spotted here and there for detail. 

This can be any common situation- you would expect to encounter something like this in any Indian village. But the beauty of art is in how it enhances and makes everyday activities look profound, depicting them in a beautiful and relatable manner.

Artists for ages have been investing their time, knowledge and skill into making art look as realistic as possible. Take, for instance, the horizontal lines and diminishing elements in the artwork that create a sense of depth and perspective. Art has also imbibed many forms and techniques and become indigenous to a particular region based on the availability of material and geographical conditions, like this wood art which is native to the Channapatna region of Karnataka.

In all its beauty and precision, this artwork can be customised to your requirements. Find it here: