Of Boats And Bamboo Craft

Bamboo is the true embodiment of abundance- it grows bountifully and can be crafted into any shape and size. Though it is a natural resource that must be used judiciously, bamboo has the nature of growing rapidly because of which it is almost always available to turn into something beautiful. 

Bamboo is a very strong stem, is durable and is quite flexible and easy to shape because of which it has become a popular choice amongst artisans.

This form of art and craft is more prominent amongst tribal communities.

Carved here is a sailor boat with a flag balanced on a piece of bamboo as the platform. What makes this work of art very realistic is the use of elements and small bits of bamboo to add detail. This boat, with its fairytale-like look, makes for a great decorative item in your living room.

It will be a highlight of your interior décor as it has an artistic appeal along with a woody, earthen touch. The boat motif is often used to represent the endless flow of life energy, as well as the many adventures we encounter while travelling. Indeed, a boat represents our very craving for life in all its fullness!

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