Music That Symbolizes Royalty

History says that the kings of a bygone time took great interest in different forms of art right from painting and sculpture to dance and music. Many great artists, dancers and musicians made their mark in their period of rule as they were quite generous towards them and rewarded them handsomely. Tansen was given a special place in Akbar’s court, as was Kalidasa in Vikramaditya’s.

Music, art and dance also flourished and reached great heights at that time and hence many more budding artists were encouraged to follow suit. Courtroom sessions where the artists entertained the king and other royal officials were a common sight and are depicted in films and literature even today.

This sandstone sculpture made by experts at Artisans Crest captures a very delicate essence of a maiden playing her instrument, lost in the music. The detailing of the sculpture captures the grace of the woman and grandeur of her attire which is studded with expensive stones. Her poise and her passion for music enchants her audience as they all sway to her tunes. Such sculptures, when placed in the main hallway, are a great way to express your love for music and art.

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